Friday, October 25, 2013


What I didn't know is that BlogSpot only allows 20 pages and that's that. And, of course, The Gambler will continue. However, I'm going to make a separate blog for the upcoming Vol. 2. As with the first, I will be putting up the start of Vol. 2 around Xmas with the first chapter and add a chapter every two weeks while I keep the mean machine going. Come back to this site for further details.

Will also be sending some Facebook traffic over here and see how that goes. Plus, since this is an experiment, I'll be tossing a little more advertisements in the middle of chapters, Robbee needs his three or four cents per month.

Also, if the interest is good, The Gambler Series will have it's own Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The 'Offical' release.

Did I spell Offical right? I hope so.

Welcome to The Gambler series. It's a nice little slew of books written or about to be written by me Robbee Thomas. Right now, we have twenty chapters done and I will be releasing one to three chapters a week until we reach 20. Then afterwards, there will be a chapter a month.

The Gambler was going to be in book form, but publishers don't take series very often, obviously this book isn't as legendary as Harry Potter (probably won't). So, this is an experiment that has been attempted before, I've been seeing some stories in the blog form, and I'm being a copycat and trying it myself, avoid the crazy world of self-publishing a series. It's easier with a single book opposed to a whole series.

Thanks for coming on by and I hope you enjoy.

Robbee T.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Glen Fletcher is living the suburban life and has an upper-level job at a department store. He was engaged to a lovely woman and he couldn’t be happier. Tragedy struck when his fiancĂ©e was killed in a drunk driving accident as she was taking a stroll. To fight off the grief, he turned to a life in gambling with sports betting and riding the wave of the start of fantasy sports betting. Over is grief with some winnings to invest. He plays it smart by not going into the high-stakes and the winnings never go past two hundred dollars at a time.

                A year and some change have past, and he desires a little more. He wants a shopping center, a seven-figure income, a hand into local government. He enhances into another deadly sin of greed. But with expansion comes, so does the issues. Can Glen win his way against larger players such as the mob, gangsters in Detroit, crooked cops, noisy family members and keeping it all a secret from mostly the rest of the world?